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Think Suicide Studios

The Story...

Think Suicide Studios is the brain child of Artist Todd Sullivan. Todd's work can be seen on album covers and canvases across many different subject matters. In the context of "Think Suicide" Todd touches on the macabre while making his viewers think about all the ways in which we are wasting our resources. Through enterprise, violence, torture and sex, humans have found ways to entertain their guilty pleasures. 

Come inside the world of Think Suicide Studios where his creatures will evoke your fears, tantalize your pleasures and make you beautifully uncomfortable!

The Artist

Todd holds a Bachelors in Fine Arts, Illustration from SUNY at Buffalo. Todd spent time in NYC finishing his degree while working at Society of Illustrators. He gained influence while working with Artists Melinda Beck, Jonathan Rosen and Jordin Isip.

He works from his home studio in WNY. Todd's work has been shown in galleries accross the U.S. including Detroit's Dirty Show. He has worked with several musicians to create album art, branding and overall art direction.

Todd is also a retired Executive Chef and attributes his creativity to his success in the Food Industry. He now enjoys cooking for friends and family.

The Inspiration

Todd has many influences that include his own personal struggles. He mostly enjoys listening to music, his largest influences are Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Horror movies and Skateboarding.


A major influence in Todd's art was growing up in the local circus. His Grandfather, an Associated Press photographer, started the local Exchange Club Circus which has been running now for over 60 years. Todd would watch his grandfather, a hobo clown, prepare for the shows until he was able to participate in the circus himself as a plate spinner. Todd credits his creativity to his Grandfather who always encouraged his artistic and creative spirit!

When not painting or drawing Todd can be found in the woods hiking with his wife, Toni, dog Kenai or enjoying some free time with his neice and nephew. Todd has lived and traveled across the U.S. before making his way back home in WNY

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